Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour
Mother Is A Blessing
Mother is a blessing, giving freely of herself,
She thinks of others, even if not feeling well;
She puts family first, in everything they need,
In looking at Mother, true love is what we see!
Mother is a blessing, in many priceless ways,
If we need direction, she knows what to say;
We may not like her stern words of correction,
Everything she does is filled with affection!
Mother is a blessing, we have learned to trust,
All that she does is for the very best of us;
God gave her a heart to love us as we live,
And if we need it, she can also forgive!
Mother is a blessing, a sweet gift from Above,
Given unto us with a heart filled with love;
Compared to all things, there is just no other,
A precious work came when God made Mother!
4-27-17   Mother’s Day

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