Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Nothing Ever Happens

Nothing ever happens God doesn’t already know,

Even when terrible storms of life rage & blow;

We may be appalled by what we don’t understand,

But nothing is too gruesome for His mighty hand!

Nothing ever happens when God’s power can’t prevail,

Even when acts of men come tumbling down & fail;

Our sinful nature will bring great heartaches about,

But there’s nothing God’s wisdom can’t lead us out!

Nothing ever happens God needs to have explained,

Even when our heart is feeling great sorrow & pain;

We may ask “Why?” when horrible things take place,

But there’s nothing greater than His mercy & grace!

Nothing ever happens to make God surprised at all,

Whether by devastation, or something very small;

When His glorious face we earnestly seek,

Then God says He’ll keep us in perfect peace

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