Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

We Learn In The Valley

We learn in the valley, to let Him guide us along,

To let His grace & mercy make our spirit strong;

Even when we might become weary & weak,

He hears in our prayers, every word we speak.

We learn in the valley, to keep our eyes upon Him,

He becomes to us then, our sweet & Faithful Friend;

He walks right beside us in every step we take,

And He promises to never leave us or walk away.

We learn in the valley, fellowship with Him will grow,

The Lily of the Valley is precious just to know;

His fragrance is beautiful to even get near,

He knows how to touch our hurtful, falling tears.

We learn in the valley, to let Him have full command,

So we may be led by His pure & righteous hand;

There’s a reason in our life in everything He does,

We just need to give Him our faith & total trust.


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