Tuesday With Karen

He loves us through it all! KI

God Loves The Weary

My heart gets heavy from the trials of life,
Asking God each day to make my spirit right;
He always listens when He hears me pray,
The Comforter within blesses me with grace!

My mind gets troubled as the devil runs wild,
Seeking to destroy the reason for my smile;
God’s hand is greater than all Satan’s wiles,
I got blessed forever by becoming His child!

My soul gets weary by some of its woes,
Things that only God Himself truly knows;
I need Him now more than ever before,
Thank God, He is my Redeemer & Lord!

God’s love is so awesome and divine,
In the dark night, His Light will shine;
Even in the midst of any trouble I face,
Nothing is ever greater than His grace!