Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

He knows my voice, the very tone it displays,
Hears me every time my heart begins to pray;
He knows who I am when I begin to speak,
And always has time to listen to my needs.

He knows my voice when I’m singing victory’s song,
Even hears it quiver when things are going wrong;
So whether I’m crying or singing words of praise,
He still listens to every syllable I say!

He knows my voice, and exactly the way it sounds,
Knows what my heart feels when I cry to Him aloud;
Though I’ve never seen His awesome, beautiful face,
I sure have seen the glory of His mercy and grace.

He knows my voice, in the bright day or dark night,
Every word that He speaks is my joy and delight;
Thank the Lord for listening to the sound of my voice,
When He speaks back to me, my heart does rejoice!

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