The Weak and the Strong


I was able to visit the 9-11 Memorial, while in New York. My emotions when from sad to mad, from unbelief to thankfulness.

I asked myself the questions  “How small is your god if you have to kill to please him?” My answer was “very small.” If a person beliefs require them to kill innocent men and women boys and girls, then their religion is in vain.

“How big is your God if you can forgive them?” My answer.”Very Big.”

God’s grace is far greater than mine  and His forgiveness far out reaches mine.

Here are a few pictures from that visit:

IMG_0983  Entrance to the 9-11 Memorial

IMG_0975 Where the first plane hit the tower

IMG_0976 The first responders Fire Truck

IMG_0973 The last beam removed from site, signed by Fire Dept. and Police Dept.

IMG_0968 View from inside Memorial “original corner”  still in place. Through the window you can see the new “Freedom Tower” One World Trade Tower.

IMG_0967 The Freedom Tower

IMG_0884 The Memorial Fountain, with all the names of the victims

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