Tuesday With Karen

Thankful for how God wraps us in His care every day! KI

Wrap It In His Hand

Wrap it in His hand, anything you face,
God is always there, giving you His grace;
He knows every step in this life you’ll trod,
No need to worry from in the hand of God!

Wrap it in His love, the great & the small,
He listens to you pray, anytime you call;
He loves you so much, His only Son died,
That by His blood, there is eternal life!

Wrap it in His care, so loving and deep,
He’s guiding your feet, meeting every need;
Not one time at all, will you be left alone,
But God’s hand is there, helping you go on!

Let God wrap you in everlasting love,
He watches over you from His throne above;
Whatever you face, God’s love will be there,
Wrapping you each day in tender loving care!

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