Reformation Cornerstones

Every October, many Protestants celebrate the work of reformers who brought about much-needed change in the Christian church. At the center of their contributions were four teachings:

Scripture alone: The supremacy of the Bible as the surest guide for faith and life.

Grace alone: The supremacy of God’s undeserved love. God counts us “right” with him when we accept his free gifts of forgiveness and salvation.

Faith alone: The supremacy of faith. Only by believing and trusting in God’s promises, and through no works or achievement of our own, do we receive eternal life.

The priesthood of all believers: Christians are “members of one another” (Ephesians 4:25, NRSV). In God’s eyes, Christians are all on the same level. We each have a ministry to fulfill to one another and to people outside the faith. Martin Luther said we’re “reciprocally and mutually one.”

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