God’s Promised Spring

Like winter, some seasons of our faith journey feel cold, barren, devoid of life. Will renewal ever come? Will spring flourish again in our heart? Yet the world bears witness to God’s power to bring new life where all seems lost.

In the early 1990’s, the St. Louis neighborhood of South City deteriorated sharply due to a stagnant economy, population decline and crime. Then Bosnian refugees started settling there. Thousands of people renovated abandoned houses and other buildings; they started businesses and brought skilled labor back to the neighborhood. As the area returned to life, the refugees experienced renewal, too — hope in place of discouragement, opportunities where none had existed, peace instead of war, life replacing death.

When our faith is challenged by despair, lost dreams or an uncertain future — when God’s promises feel as dead as winter — real-life renewal stories are signs of spring. They testify to the resurrection God has in store for us.

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