Come And Dine

my Mother and Tony in the kitchen

“Come and eat!” called my mother. After many hours every day cooking for our family she got joy seeing all of us kids come running to the table. Most of our meals were very simple and the kind of stuff that would stick to the bones.
I am sure that as a young girl she had dreams of how her life would be, but she lived her life poor and simple. Most of her days were spent cooking and cleaning house, she seemed to find a sense of purpose in keeping house. This was her place to of shelter and love. Many times she did without so that us kids could have a little more, isn’t that what love real is any way?
My mother was someone who needed attention but rarely got very much because she was always willing to put others first. Most of my childhood days a filled with memories of a hard working mom, dressed in a plain slip on housedress protected by a worn out apron.
Mother did not go to Church much when I was young but later she seemed to find a place of comfort around God’s people. It was her testimony that she got saved as a young girl then spent most of her adult life away from Church and Christian friends. Maybe that is why she seemed a little sad some of the times.
Mother always seemed happiest cooking and feeding her family that the times she would hum a little and seem to be smiling about a secret she had. I guess that secret was the inner peace that God gives His children even when we drift away from Him. I am glad that mother got back in Church and got that peace which passes all understanding in Christ Jesus.
This weekend I would like to say thanks to all the Moms out there and may God richly bless you. And if you are a Mom that is still feeling a little empty in your life remember this. “Come and eat!’
John 21:12 Jesus saith unto them, Come and dine.

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