Tuesday With Karen

Praise Him for so many reasons to sing! KI

Sing Unto The Lord

Sing unto the Lord, lifting up your voice,
His blessings make a heart sing & rejoice;
He’s worthy of glory, honor, and praise,
His goodness & grace, so great every day!

Sing unto the Lord, glorify His name,
In this evil world, His power still reigns;
The devil has tried hard to wipe Him out,
Our mighty God will make us sing & shout!

Sing unto the Lord, praise Him evermore,
How blessed we are, in knowing the Lord;
He blesses us more than we ever deserve,
Feeding us daily with His holy Word!

Sing unto the Lord, with a heart of faith,
Radiate His love, in each passing day;
Keep your eyes on Him, so greatly adored,
Praise His holy name, sing unto the Lord!