Heartfelt Greetings

By Helen Steirner Rice

Whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks to God the Father through him —Colossians, 7:17

In her book, Living Christmas Everyday, Helen Steiner Rice asks, “Do you send Christmas cards each year? More and more the custom of sending greetings during the holidays is falling away, due to lack of time, the expense of postage, and an unwillingness to add one more item to a long list of obligations.”

She goes on to say that too often we are simply fulfilling “some misguided social obligation” especially if those cards have no personal greeting—such as those with “an imprinted signature. This communicates only that the recipient was on your list.”

She further suggests is would be good to “Forget about sending cards to everyone you know. . . Instead direct your effort in a more meaningful way by using this Christmas tradition to touch the lives of others. Add a personal note, even if it consists of just a few words. Something from the heart.”

She goes on to suggest that “Sending cards at Christmas is a valuable opportunity to say the things you have been thinking all year— ‘I’m praying for you’. ‘You aren’t forgotten’.”

“Jesus Christ was God’s Christmas card to us. He told us that God still cared, that His love for us was still strong, that He hadn’t forgotten us in our sinful state. His message was heartfelt and full of meaning. When you send your Christmas greeting. . .keep His example in mind.” ©Helen Steiner Rice Foundation 2007