We Love, Because He is Love

By Ricky Smith

I love you! Are those words easy for you to say? In my home we used that phrase with sincerity and frequency. Every phone call ended with those words. Every time someone left the house, those were the last words spoken. Needless to say there is no doubt that my family loves one another because we express it words.  Don’t be mistaken, they are not shallow and empty. Even said with frequency, this simple phrase is packed with power and depth.

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For some love is expressed in actions, gifts, time, touch, and words. No matter the preferred language of love, every human desires love and this deep longing is a reminder of our hardwiring.  We are made in the image of God and thus share elements of His nature.

1 John carries a frequent theme of love and chapter four specifically reveals that a Christian will be known by love, because God is love and He lives in us. This does not mean that anyone who loves is a Christian. This does not simply mean that God is loving. God is love! If he creates, he creates in love. If he rules, he rules in love. If he judges, he judges in love. 

We love, because He is love. We show love because of His love in us. He dwells in us and thus we are positioned to demonstrate His love to the world and to our neighbors.  Consider how your actions reveal Christ in you today. Compare that assessment with what we read in James 2:14-17.

God is good. God is great. God is love. And in His love He sent His Son to die for us.  We now have been invited to join in His mission of reconciliation and our actions of love are simple and powerful words to repeat God’s heart to the world as he says, “I love you.”

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