Biscuits and Gravy

Coming from a large family, a total of eighteen, people still ask the question, “How did your Dad feed all of ya’ll?” The answer was very simple, beans and taters. One night we would have beans and taters for supper and the next night we would have taters and beans. It all may seem like the same thing but believe me there was never a boring meal at our house. While all of our meals were very basic foods we always seemed to have enough to fill an empty spot.
Most mornings we would have home made biscuits and gravy or maybe grits and eggs, always the biscuits. Mother would get up early enough to get everything started before waking up us kids, quite a chore, or maybe quite a blessing. Yes, we would sometimes have some sausage or streak o lean bacon and plenty of that gravy. Plain basic foods that always met the need.
One of my Dad’s favorite sayings was, I find out what they don’t like and buy a lots of it.” I guess that was one way to stretch the budget. Whatever Mom cooked that is what we ate, no picking and choosing. We never ate out.
Today many people are facing hard times with job layoffs and pay cuts, yet they seem to think they can still do everything as before, they can not. Maybe they need some of my Mom and Dad’s old fashion economics, if you can’t afford it do without.
Another big change I have seen is a move away from just basic Bible believing Churches.
You know what I am talking about, when people went to Church just to worship the Lord, basic Christian living. They enjoyed good Bible preaching and good singing in the morning and good singing and Bible preaching in the evenings. It all seemed very basic but it always met the need.
Those simple meals we had growing up now seem very special and those simple Bible messages we heard thirty or more years ago still fill an empty spot in our souls.
We serve the same God today but it seems we have become dissatisfied with those so called simple messages from the King James Bible topped of with a double scoop of Amazing Grace.

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