Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
– James 4:7
If you’ve been crying and asking God to run the devil out of your life, STOP! The Bible says you’re the one who’s supposed to overcome the devil.
How? By resisting him. By rebelling against him when he tells you to do something and doing what God says instead! When Satan tells you some lie, contradict him with the Word of God. Oppose him. This verse says when you do that, he’ll flee from you. He’ll “run as in terror.”
That means everywhere you go, as you walk in faith and oppose the devil, darkness is pushed back.
So start pushing back that darkness. You can do it! The life of God is within you. Jesus Himself is living inside you. Everywhere you go, He goes. Every problem that rises up against you, every evil spirit that tries to influence your life, is coming up against GOD when he comes up against you.
All you need to do is become conscious of that. Begin now living your life moment by moment, knowing that the light of God is in you. The Word of God is in you. The Spirit of God is in you.
Live knowing that Jesus, the Son of God, is in you. Then watch the devil run!

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