It’s The Little Things

by Meagan Davis

Such Small Sin, Such Great Sacrifice

For all sin. For murder, theft, abuse, immorality. All of these put Christ on the cross. He died for all sin.

The greatness of this fact should never cease to amaze us. But sometimes, we put so much emphasis on all of the big sins that I think we forget about the fact that it was all sin that put Christ on the cross. It wasn’t just murder that put Him there. It was that simple lie that you told yesterday, that unkind thought when someone cut you off in traffic, that angry spirit at a friend. Christ died for the small things. Even if one of these seemingly small sins was all that we did, it would still not be enough to get us into heaven. Christ died for all sins, great and small.

So as you go throughout the day, think about those small sins. Those are what He died for. He saved us from that! So why do we continue in sin? Romans 12:1 tells us that we should present ourselves as a “living sacrifice” and that this is our “reasonable service.” Let’s not take for granted God’s great grace in saving us from these small sins. May it cause us to live our lives for Him.

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