Trash to Treasures,about Daddy

After my Dad retired he started making wooden crafts from scrape wood that he would get from my brother Charlie. Charlie worked at in mill shop at William Brother’s Lumber Yard. He would bring my Dad pieces too small for any jobs. Dad would make small “what-not-shelves” or wind powered “whirligigs”. For those of you that may not know what I am talking about, let me explain. A “what-not-shelf” is a shelf or a small bookcase like shelf that you place small collectables. A whirligig is a wind powered moveable piece of artwork made of wood or tin.
Dad would spend hours working on these little treasures, when he made enough he would stick the in the front yard “for sale.” A little extra money for him and a little embarrassing for us kids, sometimes. I was happy to see the last one sold.
Fast forward to 2022 and I think of those little hand made crafts often and wish I would have kept one for myself.  I think of all that wood that was saved from the trash pile to bring hours or many even years of happiness to the families that stopped by to get a “whirligig”.
Now when I see one out in someone’s yard I am remind of how God takes or lives that may be headed for the trash heap and makes a special treasure out of each of us. We are His workmanship created unto good works.

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