Christmas Eve

It was Christmas Eve, as I slept in my bed,
when I heard a great noise, possibly a sled!

I jumped out of bed, to catch Santa in action,
but a bearded man in red was not in the caption.

Instead a man, in shiny white clothes,
he said come nearer, and I’ll share a story of old.

He opened a great book, and started to read
about a little town, and mans new seed;

“Oh little town of Bethlehem, a gift for you I bring
a child shall be born, and praises angels will sing.
For this little child, who in a manger born,
will be the holy Savior, the holy Lord.
He will free all men, from this burden of sin,
and will hold each dear, as children and kin.”

It was then I realized, Christmas was not about toys
It was not about race cars, or fancy alloys.

Christmas is about a greater gift, one that never stops.
Christmas is about God’s love, a gift we cannot top.

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