Happy Mother’s Day

by Karen Icenhour

There’s nothing like the love in Mother’s heart!  Happy Mother’s Day!
Mother’s Heart
Mother’s heart is different from all things in the world,
God gives her holy love in the birth of each boy & girl;
He made a miraculous way to bring forth a child,
Fulfilling our life with a precious reason to smile!
Mother’s heart is filled with a deep kind of care,
Anytime we need her, Mother is always there;
We might treat her wrong by what we do or say,
But Mother’s love is faithful, & there to always stay!
Mother’s heart remembers kind & thoughtful needs,
She is always ready to meet her family’s needs;
Even if her heart gets deeply hurt or betrayed,
Mother loves her family in just the same way!
Mother’s heart knows what it means to be forgiven,
The love from within her has a touch from Heaven;
Mother deserves to be respected and adored,
Oh, what a precious gift she is from the Lord!
Mother’s Day, 2015

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