Wade’s Wednesday

A Weeping World

By Dennis J. DeHaan

A mother was told that her son had been killed in an accident on the job. In that moment, her life was flooded with tears. In another family, a sudden heart attack snatched away a husband, leaving a wife to face life alone. More tears! We live in a weeping world.

The book of Lamentations was written by Jeremiah, who is called the weeping prophet. The citizens of Judah had been taken into captivity (1:3); Jerusalem lay in ruins (2:8-9); the people were destitute (2:11-12); their suffering was horrible beyond belief (2:20); and the prophet wept continually (3:48-49). Yet Jeremiah still affirmed the mercies, the compassions, and the faithfulness of God. From deep within him, his soul was saying, “The Lord is my portion, therefore I hope in Him!” (3:24).

What realism in those tear-saturated words! It’s the reality that weeping and lamentations do not necessarily reflect a weak faith or a lack of trust in God. Some of us may think that a Christian must feel joyful even when the heart is breaking—or at least try to appear that way. But Jeremiah’s experience refutes that. Tears are a natural part of a Christian’s life. But thank God, one day in Glory our blessed Savior will wipe them all away (Revelation 21:4).

Christian, when your way seems darkest,
When your eyes with tears are dim,
Go to God your Father quickly,
Tell your troubles all to Him. —Anon.

The soul would have no rainbow
if the eyes had no tears

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