God’s Indwelling Presence

By Unknown

We have ended our time in Exodus, and it is honestly bittersweet. I have enjoyed all that we have learned. Finally, we have reached the climax of this story in Exodus. The cloud, which represents God’s presence and glory, fills the Tabernacle, and the Lord has accomplished his task, that He may dwell with His people. 

While reading, it was interesting that Moses could not enter the Tabernacle. Was Moses not in the presence of the Lord on Mt. Sinai? Was it because it was only a glimpse of His glory? Back in Exodus 33:20, The LORD gives us our answer, “you cannot see my face, for man shall not see me and live.” Moses, nor any man, could handle the weight of the Glory of God. The Hebrew word for glory is kavod, which means heaviness or weight. God’s glory is a heavy, tangible presence. 

I enjoy snorkeling and exploring the ocean. There is a lot I can see in the shallow parts of the water. However, if I want to experience the beauty of the ocean, I would need a specialized/pressurized suit that would allow me to endure the pressure or weight of the ocean water. 


Moses and the people of Israel could not handle the weight of the Glory of God. Therefore, for us to experience the fullness of God in his glorious splendor, we must have a special/ pressure-fitting “suit” that will allow us to endure the pressure of His glory. 

You and I hope that Jesus has come so that we may have life and life abundantly. Jesus, the embodiment of God’s presence and glory, stepped down from heaven, lived among us, died for us, and paid the penalty for our sins. Thus, he made way for us to be able to stand in the presence of God’s glory and be able to endure the weight. There will be a day when Jesus returns, and there will be a new heaven and earth. We will receive new bodies that can endure the weight of God’s glory forever. Oh, the day when we can stand in His presence and see Him face to face. Until that day, we can demonstrate God’s presence and glory to a lost and dying world. 

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