It’s the Little Things

By Meagan Davis


Well, needless to say, it’s been awhile. That’s what happens when you get caught up in the race of life. We rush around accomplishing everything we can. Run out and buy those last few Christmas gifts. Make the food for the New Year’s Eve party. Oh snap, I forgot to mail Grandma’s present…for the third time this week. Work, work, work. Work the day before Christmas. Work the day after Christmas. Time for the decorations to come down….

And the list goes on.

I don’t know about you, but does it ever seem like everything goes way too fast? For me, Christmas went so fast this year, I don’t feel like I actually had time to enjoy Christmas!

But I do that with lots of things. I get so caught up in the anticipation that when it’s actually here…that’s it.

This is why it’s so important to enjoy the little things. Enjoy making Christmas cookies and taking them to the firefighters. Cherish the moments where you make cheesy jokes with your family. Don’t let your little siblings annoy you. They won’t be little for long.

Life may not give you everything you want. But God always has a perfect plan. He wants us to enjoy whatever He brings into our lives.

Enjoy the little things.

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