Modern Heroes

One of the funny things about being a Christian is the fact that we fail to realize that God has put heroes of the faith all around us. Many times it is your own family members, Mom, Dad, brother or sister. Sometimes it is the unassuming Church member that we call an acquaintance. The eleventh chapter of Hebrews is dedicated to these heroes.
One of my everyday heroes of the faith is Darrell Hayes.
After getting saved in 1974 I started going to Kenwood Baptist Church, Brother Darrell was the pastor. God used him to encourage my family and many others. His faithfulness to prayer and Bible study put a hunger in ours heart to know more about the Savior.
There is always a feeling of God’s Spirit when Brother Darrell stands and expounds the Scriptures. His wife Linda and entire family all bring great honor to God’s Kingdom.
God has used him to preach all over the country and across the world. But he still has that down home “I am here to be a help” feeling.
I am grateful for all the help that Brother Darrell has been to me and my family. He loved me when I was not so lovable and he prayed for me when others gave up. God used him to help me understand more about the unconditional love that He has for all of us.
Thank God for the heroes like Brother Darrell Hayes.

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