Absolute Devotion

2 Sam. 19:24-30 Intro: In these verses, we witness the reunion of David and a man who loved the king more than his own life. In these few Old Testament verses, there is a valuable lesson for the children of God. You see, by the testimony of this man named Mephibosheth, we are given a clear cut example of how we, God’s redeemed children, are to love the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mephibosheth demonstrates his devotion to King David in various ways in verses 24-30

A. The Cause Of His Devotion – The reason Mephibosheth was so devoted to David can be seen in what David had done for him, 2 Sam. 9:1-13; 2 Sam. 19:28) As the son of Jonathon, Mephibosheth was in line to ascend to the throne of Saul. In reality, he was a rival to David for the office of King. Yet, David, instead of acting with justice and executing Mephibosheth, as he had other members of Saul’s family, extended grace to this little, crippled man. David had every right to kill Mephibosheth, but because of his great love for Jonathon, he spared Mephibosheth’s life, 2 Sam. 9:3; 1 Sam. 20:15. When the child of God stops and ponders what God has done for him through Jesus, it is plain to see that we have more than abundant reason to love Him with every fiber of our beings. John reminds us that our love for Jesus is rooted in the fact that Jesus first loved us. Think of what you were and how you have sinned against the Lord. If you and I got what we deserved this morning, we would all be in Hell right now. If we received justice, we would have been forever separated from the presence of God. However, through Jesus, we have received grace.

B. The Course Of His Devotion – Mephibosheth’s great love for David translated into a life of service and devotion. Because he loved the king, it showed in his life. Mephibosheth lived a life of total devotion and absolute faithfulness toward the king. When a child of God genuinely loves the Lord with his entire being, it will show in his life. In other words, you won’t have to run around saying, “I love the Lord!” It won’t need to be said, because it will be clearly seen in everything you do. It will be seen in your prayer life, your attention to Scripture, your attendance upon the worship of the Lord, your witnessing life, your manner of life. All I am saying is that when we are in love with Jesus, whole hearted, it cannot be hidden. It will tell on you! What does your life say about your love for the Lord?

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