Tuesday With Karen

He’s Working With Us

He’s working with us, each and every day,
Remolding our life in His loving Way;
He gives us strength if we become weak,
His wisdom is given to all those who seek!

He’s working with us, meeting every need,
In each day we live, we are overseen;
God knows we’re flesh, in need of His help,
How sweet to know that, in us, He dwells!

He’s working with us, in doing His will,
God’s loving grace makes a heart fulfilled;
He hears every prayer His children cry,
In the storm, He says, Fear not, it is I!

He’s working with us, in His perfect Way,
Teaching us all we need to do & say;
He’s worthy of all our heart’s faith & trust,
Praise God for lovingly working with us!

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