Mephibosheth looked rough on the outside, but his heart was glowing with the love he had for David. In this, he sets an example for those of us who claim to know the Lord Jesus. By his witness, he shows us what we are to be doing while we wait for our king to return. I don’t know if you have noticed it or not, but we are in much the same shape as Mephibosheth. Our King, Jesus, the One who died for us is in Heaven with His Father. The day is coming when He will return to this earth and will be seen by His children. Notice the attitudes that need to fill our hearts as we wait for him to come back.

A. He Looked For The King – It is apparent from the story that Mephibosheth lived with the anticipation of the king’s return to Jerusalem. It consumed his thoughts and controlled his life! He spent his days waiting to hear the heralds declare the news, “The king is coming!” Our King, the Lord Jesus, is also returning one day and we are to be looking for that time when He will return,

B. He Longed For The King – Mephibosheth exhibited all the classic sign of being in mourning for David. His hearts desire was to see the King once again. This is proven by his statement in verse 30. He didn’t care about his land or his money, all he cared for was to see the face of the king. This ought to describe every heart of every Christian here today. Is there a burning desire in your heart to see and be with the Lord? This was the attitude of John while on Patmos. It was also the desire of the Apostle Paul.

C. He Looked Upon The King – Mephibosheth lived long enough to see his desire become reality. He got to see the king when he returned. ??David’s response in verse 29, but Mephibosheth cared for nothing but the fact that he was now with his king! Just as Mephibosheth’s dream became a reality, so shall ours. One glorious day, we will stand in the presence of the One who climbed Calvary’s Hill. To redeem our souls from Hell. We will see His face and we will worship Him. Our day will come.

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