Be Still, Know I’m God

Be still, know I’m God, are sweet words to hear,
When we cry to Him, He removes the fear;
Life may send turmoil on this path we trod,
We’re richly blessed, for we belong to God!

Be still, know I’m God, He says to our heart,
His awesome love reaches us where we are;
We’re daily under His sweet loving care,
In each step we take, God’s grace will be there!

Be still, know I’m God, He will say to us,
There’s nothing like His sweet, holy touch;
His fellowship makes us sing & rejoice,
When we take time to listen to His voice!

Be still, know I’m God, great riches we find,
He does holy things in our heart, soul, & mind;
His wisdom answers whatever we may ask,
Listening to Him gives sweet peace that lasts!


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