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  1. 26 year old, Logan Mills, liver transplant, David Mills granddaughter
    Bro. Udell Addison
    Mr. Hughie Eversole – Brother of a friend of Joyce McDowell,
    Linda Denney
    Pam Jenkins, liver problems
    Barbie Hudson, stroke, Sister Murphy’s daugther
    Martha Jane Gilbert a classmate of Donald/ Sue Reaves from 1st grade thru 12 has liver problems
    Gary Pope, heart problems
    Jeff Pisacrita family due to death
    Sammy Whitten
    William Walker Family
    Ken Reaves has copd among other health issues
    Phil Schneller cancer has returned pray that the Dr’s will have the right treatment
    Micheal Bass’s little boy named Dakota had to be life flighted. He is having seizures
    Virgina, Garfield’s sister
    Mark Clark, tumor on brain
    Barry Barge, cancer
    Sam Butler & his family, Lung Cancer
    Bill Rhodes, cancer
    Phillis Osborne, health
    Gene and Hazel
    Lawanda Hayes has breast cancer
    Gary Dato, health
    Donald Reave’s great nephew Jordan Pisacrita being deployed to the mid east
    Scott Reaves, health issues
    Hunter Reaves
    Barbara Stamper, Sue’s sister
    Johnny Smith,
    Emmett Smith
    Amanda Painter
    Jamie Bongers, family
    Arlene Smith, health
    Terry Barnes has lost a kidney to cancer and now has a colon problem
    Randy Fleming
    Haley Hodges 6 years old girl
    Donald Reaves
    Wade Arrington
    Roger Green
    Donna Alabrook
    Linda Walker, heart trouble
    Ronnie Stephens health problems
    Billy Braswell health problems
    Joe Pollard and his family
    Sara, Linda’s sister
    Darlene Barge
    Diane Wilson
    Tommy Wilson
    Edward Arrington
    Dr. Billy Burks
    Linda Denney
    Winston Veal has cancer
    Sue Reaves, health
    Steve Cannon

    Atlanta City Baptist Rescue Mission-Paul Johnson
    Steve Harper
    Calvary Children’s Home- Snyder Turner
    Sean Canavan BIMI
    Carl Evans, Rock of Ages Prison Ministries
    Atlanta Union Missions
    Darrell Hayes, Evangelist
    Georgia Baptist Mission Board
    Western Baptist Association
    Peace in Israel

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